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Maternity & Nursing Bra Fitting

We want every pregnant and breastfeeding mum to wear the best maternity or nursing bra for them and be comfortable with good support. Sadly, many women buy cheap bras in the wrong size and spend their pregnancy being uncomfortable and therefore unhappy.

Wearing the wrong size bra during pregnancy and nursing can lead to problems in later life. We understand that good bras are expensive, but they are designed to last and support your breasts properly. If you can only afford one well fitting bra, buy it and wash as necessary - it may help you avoid a possible boob job or chiropractic treatment later on!

Visit our Maternity Bra Fitting page.

Visit our Nursing Bra Fitting page.

If you have no idea what bra size you were before you were pregnant, then this bra size guide should help. Measure under and then across your bust at the fullest part whilst wearing a bra. This size chart is not perfect for everyone but hopefully will help you if you really need it.

size chart

If you need any advice regarding your bra size or selection, please do not hesitate to contact Heather or Sarah at Expecting on 01904 466511 or via email at and we will do our very best to help.